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    Team News | 3 min read

    Francesca Dulce Larson Named to Governor-Elect Phil Murphy's Transition Team

    Meet Francesca Dulce Larson, Partner at Mosaic Strategies Group, a women-owned creative and technology company based in New Jersey, and recently named to NJ Governor-elect Phil Murphy's transition team.

    The team at Mosaic is proud to announce that their partner, Francesca Dulce Larson, has been named to NJ Governor-Elect Phil Murphy's transition team on the Government Technology and Innovation Committee.

    We look forward to working with Governor-Elect Phil Murphy to create an Innovation Ecosystem in New Jersey. This is a well-deserved acknowledgement of Francesca's years of dedication to public service while playing a variety of roles in national government, local politics, and global technology. The partners of Mosaic speak in a unified voice when we say that it an honor to work alongside Francesca in our combined efforts to build technology that helps change the world.

    Francesca has led the expansion of digital engagement strategies and data architecture for government projects around the country from the City of Boston to the City of Los Angeles. Francesca has used her creative capacity along with her technological ingenuity in major movements such as the Women on 20's campaign to spur the conversation for equal pay and add a woman to the $20 bill.

    Francesca focuses her efforts on solving big problems for our clients to increase their efficiency while improving audience engagement. Over the last 2 years, Francesca has designed a secure grant application platform for foundations that allows the public to submit applications and vote for their favorites.

    Francesca Dulce Larson is an exceptional person with a passion for improving the lives of the people in the communities around her. With a background steeped in grassroots and political organizing with both an "in the field" and digital capacity, her understanding of human and cultural communication is an asset in bridging the connection between organizations and the communities that they serve with today's technology demands.

    Founded in 2010, Mosaic is a boutique full-service digital firm with an in-house, hands-on team of creative people, all of whom bring a unique set of skills and background to our company. Francesca joined Mosaic in 2012, as a partner, after spending 2 years launching and managing marketing for an international travel-technology startup in South America. The company, which secured investment in Chile and Argentina, was noted for creating an integrated bilingual social media campaign under Francesca’s direction.

    Prior to her international startup experience, Francesca’s career focused on public affairs and community development for political campaigns and elected officials. She is known for her resourceful grassroots strategies, data analysis, and relationship building. Francesca’s political and governmental resume notably includes President Barack Obama, Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, United States Senator Robert Menendez, and Governor Jon Corzine.


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    Vanessa Byrem-Tangy

    Partner at Mosaic. As a certified inbound marketing specialist, I work with clients to devise and revise digital strategies to create positive growth for Nonprofits, foundations, issue-based initiatives, and service-based businesses.

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